How to Attach a Pom Pom

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how-to-attach-pom-pom tickle-bee-knits lost-things pom-pom-tutorial

Temporary pom pom attachment I recently heard someone say they used a button to temporarily attach pom poms to their hats.  Until I played with attaching the pom pom, I couldn’t quite picture how this would work.  Because of that, I decided to share my process with you.  This process will work for a pom […]

Lost Things Hat!

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Lost Things Hat_Tinkerbelle knit pattern_knit hat pattern

Lost Things – New Pattern Release I love this hat!  Unfortunately, my girls claimed my hat as soon as I mentioned that it reminded me of Tinker Bell.  The adorable fairy collects “lost things” to use for her tinkering (or inventions)!  So the name just had to be Lost Things.   Details The hats knit […]

Trigger Finger Troubles

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volt_knitting pattern

Another week of minimal knitting My trigger finger did not completely heal with the first cortisone shot, so I received another on Monday.  Although the first one didn’t heal my trigger finger, it did help, so the doctor is hopeful that the second one will work.  Even though I wasn’t able to knit for a […]

Dream Knitting and Sleep Knitting!

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Plucky-Knitter-Yarn Baubles-shawl dream-knitting

Dream Knitting I fell in love with the Baubles shawl pattern as soon as I saw the sneak preview of it!  The pattern immediately fell into my queue – AKA my dream knits.  This weekend I finally picked out the yarn, although I haven’t wound the yarn yet as I have so many on-going projects […]

Spring Break

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rainbow dots cowl_rainbow knit

Rainbow Dots Cowl I finally finished my Rainbow Dots Cowl!  It definitely took me longer to knit than it should have.  I would pick it up, knit a bit, then put it down for long periods of time.  I really enjoy wearing it with all of the happy colors and am very happy with how […]

Madrona Fiber Arts Festival 2018 Recap

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Madrona Fiber Arts Festival 2018-Estonian lace

I LOVE Madrona!! This is the third year that I have attended Madrona Fiber Arts Festival with my friend Karyn.  This year, there were six of us that attended!  While I have met many people that I have seen each year at Madrona, it felt like a reunion to have these five other ladies also […]

Been Away for Awhile

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Colorado-sunset tickle-bee-knits

Quick Update Hello Everyone!  Sorry for the sudden silence.  These past few weeks have been a bit crazy with work, fun, and some hand issues that have kept me from knitting as much as I would like. I went to Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in February and will have a full report very soon.  It […]

Bee Lacy Beret

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tickle-bee-knits beret-knit-pattern bee-lacy-beret knit-hat-pattern

New Pattern Release! The Bee Lacy Beret is finally released!  I am very excited to finally release this pattern.  I put it aside for a while to work on other projects and was surprised to look at the date from the photos.  The photos for this pattern were taken back in August of last year […]

Got Gauge?

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Tickle-Bee-Knit honey-bee-hug-cowl-knit-pattern free-knit-pattern free-knit-cowl-pattern

Do your knitted swatches ever lie? Have you ever faithfully knit a gauge swatch, measured and decided that you had the correct number of stitches according to the patter?  So you happily start knitting away on your dream project only to find out that your finished sweater (or whatever project you are working on) is […]

Knitting Pattern Progress and WIPs

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rainbow dots cowl-knitting-pattern knit-cowl

New Pattern Progress Let’s just put it out there…I love to knit and design new patterns, but am not so crazy about sitting down to my computer to actually write up the patterns and get them ready for publication.  It is actually quite embarrassing when I look at the date of when I took the […]