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Another week of minimal knitting

My trigger finger did not completely heal with the first cortisone shot, so I received another on Monday.  Although the first one didn’t heal my trigger finger, it did help, so the doctor is hopeful that the second one will work.  Even though I wasn’t able to knit for a couple days, I did get some knitting done this week.

Volt Shawl

The main thing I worked on this week is my Volt Shawl, pictured at the top of this post.  It is a simple lace-weight shawl, with a gradient of grays.  It is going to take me forever to knit it, but I am hoping it will be very wearable when I finish it!  I am using the Isager yarn called for in the pattern.  It a wooly yarn and I love it!  I am also very glad to be finished with the black.  While it is a simple pattern, the stitches were hard to see in the black and I kept having to tink back because of missed increases.  The next color is still dark gray, but at least I can see the stitches.

new design_tickle bee knits design

Attaching a pom pom

One of the things I finished this week was to add a pom pom to my new design.  I have been hearing how people are using buttons to attach pom poms, but hadn’t quite tried it until this week.  I just pulled the strings that were attached to the pom pom through the button holes, tied them into a bow and tucked the ends around the edge of the button.  It worked like a charm!  I am very excited at how easy this is!!  I will most definitely be using this method for a removable and easy to attach pom pom in the future!


Spring Knitting!!

Today was one of those beautiful Colorado days where I could sit outside with my Atelier sweater and and enjoy the sun with my iced tea!  I was actually able to sit outside both yesterday and today and knit!  I am thankful for both the warm weekend weather and the ability to knit again!


Happy Easter

Wishing those of you who celebrate Easter, a very wonderful holiday with your family!

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