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Dream Knitting

I fell in love with the Baubles shawl pattern as soon as I saw the sneak preview of it!  The pattern immediately fell into my queue – AKA my dream knits.  This weekend I finally picked out the yarn, although I haven’t wound the yarn yet as I have so many on-going projects right now.  Those unfinished projects include writing up my next hat pattern and working out some issues that I am having with a toy I am designing.  In the meantime, I have decided to place the yarn in a pretty bowl where I often sit to knit.  Hopefully this will encourage me to finish up some projects.  For now, I am just enjoying looking at the yarn!

Sleep Knitting

sleep-knitting work-in-progress

The above picture shows exactly how tired I have been lately.  I actually put my knitting away with only about 30 stitches left in the row.  Mostly I was dropping more stitches than I was knitting because I kept drifting off mid-stitch!  My day job has been keeping me excessively busy for the past couple months.  It has recently gotten even busier with several days in row where I have worked 12+ hours.  Because of that, I have been making pretty slow progress on my knitting.

Finished Socks

Regia-Fluormania-yarn hand-knit-socks

I finished a thing…just in time for Spring!  Luckily Emma wears her hand knit sock much of the year.  These are just simple shorty socks made out of a durable yarn.  The yarn is Schachenmayr Regia Fluormania Color 07187.  I love how bright it is!  About three years ago, I used the same yarn to knit leg warmers and knee length sock for the girls.  The yarn holds up to rough wear.



Atelier has received most of my attention this week when I have had time to knit.  This cardigan has so many cute details and I am very excited to see how it turns out.  I am about 6 cm from starting the pockets. I hope to at least get the pockets started by next weekend!

I have also finished the knitting on a new hat design!  Now to just polish up the pattern and get the tech editing complete.

Wishing everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a very happy first week of Spring!

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