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Rainbow Dots Cowl

I finally finished my Rainbow Dots Cowl!  It definitely took me longer to knit than it should have.  I would pick it up, knit a bit, then put it down for long periods of time.  I really enjoy wearing it with all of the happy colors and am very happy with how it turned out.  It wraps nicely around my neck with a double loop, so will be perfect for Spring so I have options in how I wear it.

Work has been a bit crazy for me, so I haven’t been able to knit as much as I normally do.  It is going to be crazy around here for the next six weeks, then I hope it will be a bit better.  I do have a new design knit up.  Now to finalize the pattern and get all of the tech editing complete!

Fun Times during Spring Break

I cannot believe it is already Spring break around here!  Unfortunately, I have to work for the majority of the girls’ Spring break, so the girls and I did all the fun stuff during my long weekend off work.

We made fluffy slime

fluffy slimefluffy slime

So…making slime is not one of my favorite things to do.  We have only made slime twice, but the girls LOVE it.  This time we made it with shaving cream to make it fluffy following this recipe.

We went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Dead Sea scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are available for viewing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We bought tickets as soon as they were available for sale.  I had never seen them before, so was excited to see the scrolls and other artifacts.  I was amazed at the number of items on display.

We also saw A Wrinkle in Time.  While it was an enjoyable movie, we all enjoyed the book a lot more.  We ended up purchasing the series and will begin reading the second book in the series as soon as we are done with our current book.

Even though I am back at work, I will have more knitting content to share next week!

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