Madrona Fiber Arts Festival 2018-Estonian lace

I LOVE Madrona!!

This is the third year that I have attended Madrona Fiber Arts Festival with my friend Karyn.  This year, there were six of us that attended!  While I have met many people that I have seen each year at Madrona, it felt like a reunion to have these five other ladies also at Madrona.  My friend Karyn will tell you it is my fault that I only see my friends once or twice a year…I moved to Colorado in 2016.


The classes at Madrona are always amazing and I find it hard to choose which to take.  Usually I end up signing up for too many, then being sad that I don’t have time to spend with my friends.  This year, I only signed up for two classes.  Granted, they were both long classes – one was all day and one was a day and a half!  It felt just right though.

Haapsalu Sall

The first class I took was Haapsalu Sall from Nancy Bush.  The first photo in this post is what I made in the class.  It is a mini shawl.  I still need to sew up the seams at the corners, weave in the ends and block, but I am very proud of my little shawl!  I have always loved the look of Estonian lace, but had trouble with the Nupps.  I now have the skills to knit up a Haasalu Sall after attending this amazing class!

Advanced Sweater Construction

The next class I took was Advance Sweater Construction with Amy Herzog.  This class was also amazing.  While it did involve a lot of math, it was so helpful to see the math behind why sweaters are constructed.  I really need to take some time to sit back down with my notes and the handouts.  I had so many lightbulb moments as we worked our way through the class.  I was also glad to hear that there are a lot of things I know about sweater construction!


After the classes, the best thing about attending Madrona is spending time with good friends.  The above picture is of my friend Karyn and myself in our Snake River Ponchos.  We started a knit along late last year and finished in time to wear these fabulous ponchos at Madrona!  The picture below is a photo of our group of amazing ladies that attended together this year.  The weekend was made more special because of these lovely ladies!

Madrona Fiber Arts Festival 2018

If you ever find yourself wondering if you should attend Madrona, the answer is yes!  I can’t wait until my next Madrona adventure!


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