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New Pattern Progress

Let’s just put it out there…I love to knit and design new patterns, but am not so crazy about sitting down to my computer to actually write up the patterns and get them ready for publication.  It is actually quite embarrassing when I look at the date of when I took the photos for my next pattern.  I took the photos back in August!  Maybe a bit of procrastination going on here??

I will be sending my pattern to my awesome tech editor very soon.  In between August and now, I did fully design, photograph, write and have tech edited my Here Comes Santa! pattern, so I wasn’t completely avoiding writing down this pattern!

Recent WIPs

I made significant progress on my Rainbow Dots Cowl.  It is a fun rainbow knit and I have the pattern memorized, so is super easy to pick up and put down as needed.  I have also knit quite a bit on two different vanilla socks that I am working on.

New Beginnings

This new pattern I am working on is going to be a toy with some fun accessories, so I anticipate that it will take a bit more time to design.  I will update you on the progress once I make some decent progress.

new-knit-design tickle-bee-knits-pattern sneak-preview

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