Fun to wear patterns designed
by a mom of two creative girls

My Story

My goal is to create patterns that are as fun to knit as they are to wear!

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My Aunty Marilyn taught me how to knit as a child. While I knitted some small pieces that ended up being blankets for my dolls, knitting didn’t really stick for me until shortly after I married my husband in 1999. I have been passionate about knitting ever since. I do periodically work on other hobbies, such as spinning, quilting, crocheting or cross-stitch, but I always come back to knitting!

Many of my designs are inspired by something my daughters would like to wear. They love to wear colorful clothing and accessories that no one else has. I often start with a design idea, then shape it based on input from my girls. It is a fun (and sometimes challenging) process!

My patterns

are designed to be fun to wear and easy to knit.

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